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Is an Impact driver better than a cordless drill?

The impact driver is a manual tool which delivers a strong, sudden rotational and downward force. The impact driver is usually used by mechanics to loosen large screws or nuts that are corrosively ‘frozen’. The direction can be reversed for various situations.

There are manual impact drivers as well as automatic impact drivers. The blow to the bolt can be determined accordingly.


quality-impact-driver-vs-cordless-drillsThe deal with a cordless drill is such that they have been used by mechanics and in your home owned garages as one of the oldest items of machinery. But the impact driver is like a mixture between the two, and in order to understand if you need one or both of them for your desired work, we need to get the drift of their pros and cons.

Impact driver vs Cordless Drills – Which is the best for you?

The impact driver is extremely powerful, and it can be used to drive through dense material and can also be used for excessive heavy work. The concussive blows it can hammer through is extraordinarily speedy. It also prevents your wrist from straining since it automatically does most of its work, instead of focusing on manual rotation. Long screws can also be driven into dense walls or materials with the least of effort. It is less likely to strip screws if you use an Impact Driver. One of the best tools used by mechanics is best impact drivers. They have created a loyal fan base for the tricky work they do in as little time as possible. It also has a tiny body, thus making it easier as a portable device and can fit into little crevices without any issue. It is a lot more expensive than the cordless drill but then it makes up for that with its superior function and unparalleled quality.

It is a little noisy since it’s power has the ability to break through the toughest materials. Therefore, using it in situations that requires delicate work makes this tool a little tricky.

Whereas the cordless drill is quite straining manually, can stall while driving large screws, and tends to chuck out chunks of material like sawdust or drywall while being used. Careful care must be taken while using a driller, thus making it a little dicey to use in the long run, especially with somebody who’s not comfortable with constantly holding it up and being careful with long screws.

To choose between Impact Drivers and Cordless drillers is a little tricky, but depending upon the situation is what will give you ultimate clarity. Opting for both can be beneficial in the long run. Especially when you need to build something right from scratch or if you need to perform a few repairs here and there. The best impact drivers include models like Makita BTD 141, Porter Cable PCL 1201 DC-2, Milwaukee 2650-22, Hitachi WH10DFL, Bosch Router Table, DeWalt and Ryobi P230.